Headline News: Cauldron Crash! — 24 Comments

    Darling card, Rae!  I love the shoes and I have this stamp set.  Will have to attempt something cute like this.  Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the color behind the cat. It is always fun to find unique ways to dress up the cat. LOVE IT – the cauldron is just adorable another great way to use the stamp sets!!! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  3. That project is SO cute.  I'm glad I found your blog via Craft Project Central as I found more project I loved too!  Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your creation!  I like the Frightening Feline stamp but never would have thought to hang the spider from the tail! You are so clever! I also like the spider web between the boots! Great post!

  5. WOW!  What a great "scene"!!!!  Thanks for sharing.  Would absolutely love to win (just like everyone else).  You're the best

  6. Too funny!  Love your project – I love the shoes!  The spide hanging from the cat's tail is fun too.  Great job!

  7. Love your "Cauldron Crash" designs.   I have the cat stamp and have been experimenting with it.  Would love to make these things!!  You are so talented and inspiring!   Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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