Remember These Easter Eggs? — 2 Comments

  1. What a fun idea – you constantly crack me up with your ideas! I turned on the TV this morning and there was Martha Stewart rubber stamping eggs with Matt Lauer. Well of course you decorate one side and let it dry and then decorate the other side. Really Martha – even Matt probably figured that out but then again he is a man and who knows. I was not bashing you Brian, Shane, Mike, etc. He is on a semi news show so as Trump would say FAKE NEWS (fake co-hosting knowing everything!) Next, decorating rocks with DSP? What and why? Can’t wait to see what this is about!

    • LOL! It makes me happy to 1) confound you; and 2) make you smile! Thanks Chris!

      You never know what may happen. Jack (the English Pointer) could decide to do his little twinkle toes dance on the hard floor, Pete could forget I’m live (now THAT’s scary), etc! Heaven help us if Pete chimes in with some Cowboy Whit!

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